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The founder of Urban Demolition, Vince Cubito, leaning on an excavator


Urban Demolitions & Plant Hire

Urban Demolitions & Plant Hire is a Brisbane-based company with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. They have established themselves as a recognized and trusted name in the region. As a family business, they prioritize safety, efficiency, and exceptional customer service..

The company's commitment to safety is evident in their advanced demolition equipment and technology, which enhances efficiency and precision while ensuring the well-being of their team and the public. Urban Demolitions strictly adhere to all safety regulations and permits, and their team of operators is licensed and certified, maintaining high standards of safety and quality compliance in their work.

Urban Demolitions takes environmental responsibility seriously by implementing environmentally friendly practices. They actively promote recycling and waste reduction, making conscious efforts to minimize the environmental impact of their demolition projects.

Overall, the company's foundation of exceptional customer service, safety, reliability, and environmental consciousness has contributed to their trusted reputation within the Brisbane construction industry.

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Our Expert Team

Vince Cubito
The brains behind the Urban empire. When he's not listening to podcasts, Vince is keeping the team ignited with his passion for the business. And you'll often see him on the machines showing the young kids how it's done.
the owner of urban demolition, vinnie, smiling at the camera
Luisa from Urban Demolition
office manager
Luisa Cubito
Luisa has witnessed the evolution of Urban since its infancy. And she continues to look over the business as only a loving mum can - with lots of positive vibes, food and a dash of essential oils.
The project manager for urban demolition smiling at the camera
project manager
Carlos Costa
With his South American charm, charisma and BBQ expertise, Carlos stands front and centre at Urban. Putting our customers at number 1, his goal is to satisfactorily fulfil all of their requirements.
waste supervisor
Urban's resident food thief can often be heard snoring in the corner of the Urban office, but will promptly welcome and inspect guests at the door on arrival.